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Housing Programs

Affordable Housing Program

   Building Contractor License:  BC#163456


         813 Ninth Ave SW, Perham MN                                                    


         Listed above is the spec home in Perham. There are a number of financial incentives available in Perham to buyers of these homes through the City of Perham. Click on the picture for more information.

The Affordable Housing Program partners with the MN Dept. of Corrections, Greater MN Housing Fund, MN Housing Finance Agency and other agencies to create quality affordable housing in West Central MN for families at or below 100% of the state median income.

Home sizes vary from 852 sq. ft. to 1,408 sq. ft. on each level.  Homes have 2-4 bedrooms, 1-2 baths, kitchen, dining, living room, main floor laundry on select models.  The lower level/basement includes furnace/utility room rough ins for a future bathroom, space for future bedrooms, home office and or family room. The lower level is typically unfinished but may be finished if buyer so desires.


A variety of floor plans are available depending on your families needs.  Homes can be modified for handicapped accessibility upon request. 

Homes are built by a 30 year veteran carpenter, minimum security inmates and local sub contractors.  Homes are high quality, durable, energy efficient and require minimal maintenance.  Homes are inspected by a state licensed building inspector to ensure codes are met and/or surpassed.

We currently build in Douglas, Pope, Stevens, Otter Tail & Grant Counties. “Affordable Housing does have a $15,000 down payment assistance grant for one eligible client to build in Glenwood. 

If you are interested in building where we don’t have access to lots, our housing staff can work with private buyers, cities or EDA to attempt to acquire one to meet your needs.

QUALIFYING: The first step is to contact WCMCA staff to fill out an application. Our knowledgeable housing staff will assist you with all of the remaining steps of purchasing a new home.  We can assist buyers in obtaining loans with interest rates from as little as 1% to market rate.  Why rent when you could have a house payment less than or equal to what you pay for rent?  

Household Size                               Income Limits                                                          

             1                                        $59,685

             2                                        $68,310

             3                                        $76,820

             4                                        $85,330

             5                                        $92,115

             6                                        $99,115

             7                                        $105,870



Gap Financing may be available: Monies available at 0% interest, no monthly payment & is not due until first mortgage is satisfied or the home is sold.

Tax Increment Financing: Monies available in certain locations, dollar amounts available vary by each individual city/location. 

WCMCA housing staff are able to assist you in the mortgage process and or refer you to lenders that have a variety of lending programs such as: First Time homebuyer programs · Programs with as little as 1% down,  Rural Development· ECHO · CASA

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: regarding the Affordable Housing Program please contact:

West Central Minnesota Communities Action                                             
411 Industrial Park Boulevard

Elbow Lake, MN 56531-4213

Heidi Grove - Housing Assistant                         or     J.P. Pritschet - Housing Director

1-800-492-4805 Ext. 103                                              1-800-492-4805 Ext. 113

Email: heidig@wcmca.org                                              218-685-6181 Direct Line

                                                                                       Email: johnp@wcmca.org                             

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Small Cities Rehabilitation Deferred Loan Program

This program is for rehabilitation of owner-occupied housing and is currently available in Breckenridge, Campbell, and Verndale. Assistance to homeowners is in the form of a zero-percent interest-deferred loan which would be combined with other funding sources to maximize each project.  It is expected that these projects will rehabilitate a total of 44 homes when completed.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must live in the targeted area
  • You must own the house, either free of debt, through a mortgage, or a recorded Contract for Deed

For additional information about the Small Cities Rehabilitation Program please call John at 1-218-685-4486 or toll-free at 1-800-492-4805 and ask for John Ext 113 or e-mail him at johnp@wcmca.org.

If you would like to apply for the Small Cities Rehabilitation Program available in your town, please contact your city office for an application or contact Kathy Sletto at (320) 762-8428.

Minnesota Urban and  Rural Homesteading (MURL) Program

MURL is a first-time homebuyer program for low- to moderate-income families who are unable to purchase a home through conventional means.  Eligible families must be considered "at risk" for home ownership.  Barriers such as past credit problems, lack of a down payment, and low wages are all factors that limit a household's ability to own a home and would be considered "risk factors" for home ownership.

The MURL single-family homes will be sold on a zero-interest contract for deed with no down payment requirement.  To be a qualified homebuyer you must have an income to be able to pay off the contract for deed in a 30 year time span.

Eligible homebuyers must meet income guidelines, be first-time homebuyers (a first-time homebuyer includes individuals who owned a home with a spouse or significant other and are separated or divorced, individuals who have not owned a home in the last  three years, and individuals who have never owned a home), and be unable to purchase a home through traditional financing.  Buyers must pay 25% of their gross monthly income as the monthly house payment.  Hazard insurance and property taxes are escrowed and are included in the 25% payment.

The income guidelines at this time are as follows:

80% Median Income Limit

                Grant and Otter Tail County                     Douglas County                             Pope County

House Hold Size       Income                  House Hold Size        Income                  House Hold Size          Income         

1                          $ 34,000                            1                          $ 36,550                            1                          $ 35,850

2                          $ 38,850                            2                          $ 41.750                            2                          $ 41,000

3                          $ 43,700                            3                          $ 46,950                            3                          $ 46,100

4                          $ 48,550                            4                          $ 52,150                            4                          $ 51,200

5                          $ 52,450                            5                          $ 56,350                            5                          $ 55,300

6                          $ 56,350                            6                          $ 60,500                            6                          $ 59,400

7                          $ 60,250                            7                          $ 64,700                            7                          $ 63,500

8                          $ 64,100                            8                          $ 68,850                            8                          $ 67,600


                          Traverse County                         Wilkin County                              Clay County

House Hold Size       Income                  House Hold Size        Income                  House Hold Size              Income          

1                          $ 34,650                            1                          $ 35,350                            1                          $ 40,400

2                          $ 39,600                            2                          $ 40,400                            2                          $ 46,200

3                          $ 44,550                            3                          $ 45,450                            3                          $ 51,950

4                          $ 49,500                            4                          $ 50,500                            4                          $ 57,700

5                          $ 53,500                            5                          $ 54,550                            5                          $ 62,350

6                          $ 57,450                            6                          $ 58,600                            6                          $ 66,950

7                          $ 61,400                            7                          $ 62,650                            7                          $ 71,550

8                          $ 65,350                            8                          $ 66,700                            8                          $ 76,200

MURL Homes for Sale

  Moorhead Home

Moorhead 218 HOUSE FOR SALE Poster Pull Offs


For more information about the MURL Program, please call Heidi G at 1-218-685-4486 Ext. 103 or toll-free at

1-800-492-4805, Ext. 103 or email her at heidig@wcmca.org

You may access the MURL Application form at the link below, print it, complete it, and mail to:

West Central Minnesota Communities Action
Attention:  Heidi
411 Industrial Park Boulevard
Elbow Lake, MN 56531-4213

MURL Application

Home Injury Control Service For Frail and Elderly

This service is intended to make minor modifications of living space to prevent injury, promote safety and health of older persons, to assist them in remaining independent in their homes.  It is available to eligible older household members in the following nine Minnesota counties:  Clay, Becker, Douglas, Grant, Otter Tail, Pope, Stevens, Traverse, and Wilkin.

Who May Receive These Services?

  • Household members 60 years of age or older who may be disabled and who may be in great economic and social need
  • Low-income elderly Minorities
  • Age 60+ elderly who live alone
  • Limited English speaking
  • Age 75+ isolated, at risk, elderly
  • Vulnerable elderly defined as functionally-impaired and lacking an adequate informal support system
  • Limited physical mobility
  • Psychological or mental disability
  • Lack of knowledge or skills to select and prepare nourishing, balanced diets

What Modifications are Included in These Services?

Minor home modifications may include, but are not limited to, such items as:

  • Repairs/renovations to alleviate medical conditions (i.e., air conditioner installation for asthma patients, etc., with doctor's prescription)
  • Purchase and installation of grab bars, shower chairs, raised toilet seats
  • Night lights
  • Faucet and door levers
  • Wheelchair ramps and/or wider doorways for wheelchairs
  • Smoke detectors
  • Medical alert devices
  • Other - call for more information

Where Does the Money Come From?

This project is funded under contract with the West Central Area Agency on Aging as part of the Title III Older Americans Act Program.

How Can These Funds Be Accessed?

Contact Janet or Diane at West Central Minnesota Communities Action, Inc. at 1-218-685-4486, or toll-free at 1-800-492-4805, or the Community Action Agency, public health or social service agency, tribal service agency, energy related repair or energy assistance program, or other programs that interact with frail and elderly clients in your local community.  Or you may print out the Application Form below, answer all the questions on the application, sign it, and mail to:

West Central Minnesota Communities Action
411 Industrial Park Boulevard
Elbow Lake, MN 56531-4213

In Home Repair Application

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