Energy Assistance Program

About the Program

Energy Assistance is a program that is designed to assist income eligible households with the cost of energy/heating their homes. Everyone deserves affordable, continuous, and safe home energy services. If you encounter issues with home heating and/or electricity, we can help you with bill payment assistance, crisis benefits, and furnace repair/replacements.  In addition, we can provide information about utility consumer rights and referrals to our Energy Conservation services and other community agencies. 


Many Minnesotans spend over 25% of their income on utility bills.  Do you need help with your heating, electric or water bills?  WCMCA is here to help!


The Energy Assistance Program (EAP) can help you pay your utility bills between October 1, 2021 and May 31, 2022.  Qualified applicants may receive a grant paid directly to their utility provider to reduce utility expenses.


Low-income household water assistance crisis program is available for all eligible EAP households who have one of the following situations:

  • Currently shutoff with connected water services
  • Scheduled water disconnection
  • Past due billing


In addition to the Energy Assistance Funding, programs such as Reach Out for Warmth, and the Crisis Program may be available if you’ve already exhausted your energy assistance award.  Please contact WCMCA to inquire.


For more information regarding the Energy Assistance Program within the state of Minnesota, please see the MN Dept of Commerce website.


The Energy Assistance Program is available to any Minnesota resident who is a homeowner or renter in Clay, Douglas, Grant, Pope, Stevens, Traverse and Wilkin counties.

  • Renters and homeowners are eligible.
  • Assets such as the home are not considered in determining eligibility.
  • Grants range from $300 to $1,600, based on household size, income, & fuel cost.
  • The average grant is about $500.


In addition to the initial grant, additional Crisis funds are available to help pay a past due bill or get an emergency fuel delivery. There is also the ability to help homeowners get their broken furnace repaired or replaced.


Eligibility guidelines are revised yearly. The following are the income guidelines for the 2021-2022.


If you sign application in: Send proof of gross income received in the months of: For EAP, your household income cannot be more than these income guidelines for three (3) months:
Dec 2020 Sept, Oct, Nov 2020 1 $8,809
January 2021 Oct, Nov, Dec 2020 2 $11,520
February 2021 Nov, Dec, Jan 2021 3 $14,230
March 2021 Dec, Jan, Feb 2021 4 $16,941
April 2021 Jan, Feb, March 2021 5 $19,651
May 2021 Feb, March, April 2021 6 $22,362
June 2021 March, April, May 2021 7 $22,870
July 2021 April, May, June 2021 8 $23,378
August 2021 May, June, July 2021 9 $23,887
September 2021 June, July, August 2021

How to Apply

  • Call us at 1-800-492-4805 option 1 with questions and to request an application.
  • Or print this application: EAP Application
  • Mail your completed application and supporting documents to 411 Industrial Park Blvd Elbow Lake, MN 56531or drop it off in the EAP application drop-box outside of our building at 411 Industrial Park Blvd Elbow Lake, MN 56531



Online Application


Energy Assistance Application - English
Click here to download the PDF.

Spanish Application

Energy Assistance Application - Spanish

More Information


Phone: 218-685-4486, Ext. 1

Toll Free Phone: 800-492-4805, Ext 1

Fax Number: 218-685-6742

Mailing Address:

Energy Assistance Program
411 Industrial Park Boulevard
Elbow Lake, MN 56531

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